Basic Quilting Links

These are links to tutorials around the internet to help beginning quilters with the basic skills.  I love learning from others by surfing blogs and You Tube!  There is no reason to reinvent the wheel so I would like to make it very clear that these are tutorials done by others.  I have no affiliations with these instructors but thank them for sharing their knowledge with others!

Rotary Cutting Written Instructions

Rotary Cutting Video

Piecing fabric – Nesting and Chain-Piecing Video

Sewing A Quarter Inch Seam

Half-Square Triangles: the “diagonal line” method (without marking, includes videos)

Half-Square Triangles: the “sew a square” method


Beginning Machine Quilting Video

Making Binding

Making Bias Binding

Attaching Binding to the Front of your Quilt (by machine)

Attaching Binding to the Back of your Quilt (by hand)

Binding Video

Machine Binding Video


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