Finished Jelly Roll Race Quilt

April Showers Jelly Roll Race

I have a very generous next door neighbor.  She is a retired school teacher who has been a babysitter, friend, swim instructor, and all-around great neighbor for the past almost 8 years.  A couple of years ago, she put a gorgeous pool in her backyard.  Because she had already taught my three kids to swim, she was very comfortable inviting them over to swim in her pool.

Fast forward to now.  She has a standing invitation for them to come swim whenever she is hanging out by the pool.  She even has a big yellow letter “S” sign she puts in her window to let my kids know when it’s ok.  She tells me that I can stay home and have some alone time if I want to, and she will supervise them.  Needless to say, my kids LOVE IT.  And I LOVE IT.  These swim sessions often lead to informal swim lessons like how to do strokes, diving, etc.

For these and a million other reasons, I decided to make her a love quilt.  I think sewing for someone is my love language.  I wanted something super-quick and easy so that I could get this love to her as quickly as I could after deciding to do it.  I chose one of my favorite quickies: a jelly roll race.  Sometimes I buy extra jelly rolls of fabric lines with broad appeal for this very reason.  Bonnie & Camille fabric always fits the bill for lovely, broad appeal.  This time I used their April Showers line.  The backing is a green dot from the line.  The binding is a gray print that I love from Vanessa’s line Color Me Happy.

I look forward to sharing many more wonderful conversations and late afternoons by the pool with her!


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