Monthly Archives: December 2011

Final 2011 Finishes! Feast your eyes on these.

Even though I’ve been slack at blogging, I have been completing lots of other things.  Here is the Post-Summit Swap mini-quilt for Heather:
The Bumble Mug Rug for Maria in the Scrappy Mug Rug Holiday Swap:

The Joy Mug Rug also for Maria:

Trip to Callaway Gardens to see the lights:

Here’s a quick break to show The Husbeast:
Husbeast’s true personality:
Bee Tweet Blocks:

Baby Doll Bedding set for little girl gift:
Sewing Summit Name tag:
Quilt for my mom for Christmas:
Strawberry Fields Quilt for my In-Laws:

Whew!  I’m sure there’s more, including several scarves since I’ve learned how to knit!  However, I want to go ahead and get this published so I can move on to 2012 :-)

Happy New Year everyone!