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Fig Tree Polka Dots & Summer Dress

As a Fig Tree Fanatic, I couldn’t help but swoon over the Polka Dots & Summer dress pattern found here.

I used my Spring Street fabric by Carolyn Gavin which is so fun to look at.  I also love the fresh colors.

I am not a garment sewer by any stretch of the imagination.  I’m too much of a “just wing it” type sewer.  I’m going to switch now from saying sewer (which reads like a poo processing plant) to sewist (which sounds very posh).  So, as I was saying, my goal when putting together anything other than a quilt is to just do my best to follow the pattern and forgive the mistakes.  I wouldn’t say I cut corners but I don’t do my best to get it just right.  Instead I do my best to get it just done.

This turned out way less than perfect but way more than cute.

This last photo is to show you the vast discrepancy between the front length and the back length.  Completely my own fault for not reading the directions all the way through before beginning.  That’s not usually like me!  I actually love reading directions.
She’s wearing a tiny pair of white bike shorts underneath it so I don’t need to worry about accidental flashing.
Just a note to those of you with monitors large enough to notice her red splotched feet:  her brothers lovingly shared some of their Sharpie marker love with her last night.  On a completely related note, SoftScrub actually took Sharpie off my wooden breakfast table!  Maybe I caught it soon enough but I was very pleasantly surprised (ie, desperately thanking the tiny baby Jesus).
Hope your summer is as fun as mine so far :-)  If you’re within driving distance of the Atlanta area, please check out the Atlanta Modern Quilt Guild Summer Retreat!  You do not need to be a member to attend and it is just a one day event.  Let me know if you have any questions.

February Finish – Week #1 DONE!

Fig Tree Fresh Cottons Quilt

I finished this about 5 minutes before midnight last night.  Just made it under the wire!

I am going to wash and dry this today before taking some better pictures.  I will post them as soon as I get them snapped and uploaded.

I stitched the last of the binding during the Super Bowl.  Of course, I had to look up when the commercials were on ;-)

This quilt was made with two layers of batting so it is very substantial and heavy.  I love it so far and can’t wait to see how it comes out of the dryer!

I am working on a big Moda Bake Shop project that is going to take a bit of my time in the next couple of weeks so my next February Finish week is going to be challenging!  I think I’m going to tackle the Michael Miller Christmas Quilt next.  It needs sashing, basting, quilting, binding.  So there is quite a bit of work left in it!  Right now it looks like this:

Design wall

This quilt is part of the original Old Red Barn Co Quilt Along.  Why, yes, I do mean the one that started in 2009!  It’s one of the most simple patterns too (Rail Fence) but when you make anything in holiday fabric, it becomes very difficult to work on when that holiday is nowhere near.  I need to get this WIP monkey off my back asap.  So that’s what’s coming up this week.  Stay tuned for updates!

Basting and Quilting Fig Tree Fresh Cottons Quilt

My first target of the February Finish challenge is my Fig Tree Cherry Delight Quilt made with the Fresh Cottons line.  I bought this as a kit.  I love anything Fig Tree and putting this quilt together has been a breeze.  Instead of adding cherries to the center block, I added circles and a flower.  So it’s more of a Fresh Cottons quilt than a Cherry Delight Quilt in my case.  Or maybe a Flowers Delight.

In this case, the top and back were already pieced and ready to go.  I needed to start this week by basting it.  Ugh, I hate basting.  Luckily, I have a nice, big area of bare hardwood floor in my foyer that works very well for basting.  It’s well lit by natural light, there is no furniture to move, and I can easily move around all four sides.  Also, we don’t use the front door that much so it isn’t an area of heavy traffic.

First I use painter’s tape to tape down the backing:

Please notice that I blatantly break the quilt police rule of trimming off the selvage edge when piecing the backing.  I don’t do it.  And so far in making, washing and using qulits, I haven’t noticed a difference.  Please feel free to chime in here and give me some good reasons to change my routine.  I’m open to criticism.

I guess one reason would be to have all of that lovely selvage to make selvage projects with! 

For this quilt I decided to try double layers of batting.  I’m not entirely pleased with how thin my quilts are.  I use Warm & White cotton batting.  I like it and it’s very easy to use.  I just wish the quilts were a little more substantial.  Heavier and thicker but not poofy like with a high-loft polyester batting.  I would love any input about how to achieve these results.  I’ve looked around online and someone recommended just doubling up the batting.  So here goes.  After carefully laying and smoothing out the two layers of Warm & White, I add the quilt top:

Yes, the sides are a bit wobbly.  I’m ok with that.  I can always square it off before binding.

Next I take it to the machine for quilting.  Because I want this quilt DONE, I choose a very simple quilting plan of quilting down the center of each strip.  This will form concentric squares on the quilt back which will mimic the design on the front.

I just eyeball the center and let er rip.  I’m using the walking foot and my machine’s needle down feature.  When I get to the point of needing to make my 90 degree turn, I just stop, pivot, and continue.  Easy peasy.  I’m using a Shmetz quilting needle and Connecting Threads thread in a nice light peach color.  I really like the way this thread looks in the finished quilting stitch.  It looks cottony, if that makes sense.  And it doesn’t end up looking too thin like piecing thread or embroidery thread. 

After an evening of finishing up the quilting, I unfurl the quilt to admire my work and see at little mistake.  See post below for that story.  Next steps, binding, washing and photographing finished quilt.  Only two days left to get this one finished for the February Finish Challenge!

Late Night Quilting Fail

Many of you secretly enjoy seeing the dirty underbelly of real life quilting.  Yes, it’s nice to see those blogs where everything is pristine and perfect, but then there is real life. 

Late last night I was quilting away on my Fig Tree quilt (this week’s February Finish WIP).  Easy, straight line quilting with the walking foot.  So easy, I could just watch a little American Idol while I’m doing it.  Man, that Steven Tyler sure is a pleasant surprise this season isn’t he?  Ooooh, that girl can sing.  Gee, that weirdo sure is weird.  You get the idea.  One part quilting, ten parts watching TV.

After I finished, I unfurled the quilt to admire my nice symmetrical quilting lines on the quilt back and found this:

Wait, what?  What the heck is that?

That is the sample Cathedral Windows block I made in my Atlanta Modern Quilt Guild class on Sunday. (Because I know you’re wondering, the fabric in the window is Dena Designs Tea Garden.)  It must have gotten underneath my quilt while I was quilting.  It waves to me snidely like a little Fail Flag. 

So I went to bed.  I know better than to pick up the seam ripper in anger.  I didn’t want to have to write a post about Seam Ripper Fail too…

Fig Tree Flowers

Fig Tree Fresh Cottons
Cherry Delight Kit
Project Update
I took a little detour from the applique cherries on the original Cherry Delight pattern.  I cut some circles and did raw edge applique of flowers in the enter block.  I prepared the backing and now I need to baste it all together.  Am waiting for kids to return to school before tackling that job!