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Want to Quilt-Along? (psst, there are prizes…)

Melanie at has asked me to guest-host a Spring Quilt-Along over on her blog.  This is the quilt we are making and it is A-DORABLE.  And super-duper easy.  We will begin our project on April 11.  That gives you one more week to gather your supplies.  Check here for details. 

Did I mention there are prizes?  Yes!  Melanie is giving away goodies for those of you who finish the quilt or even just finish the top!  This is a quick quilt, and I was able to cut and piece it in one evening.  I promise you can do the same.

Hope you can join us!

ANOTHER New Project for me? Oh Fransson!

Yes, yes, I know I have a big quilt already in progress. Yes, I know I have another quilt-along (Old Red Barn Co) that I’m going to start this week. But I couldn’t resist starting Elizabeth’s (Oh Fransson) Mod Sampler Quilt-Along! I had a stack of fabulous Flag Day Farm fat quarters that have been begging to be turned into a quilt, like Right Now.

And even though these fabrics were all set in my mind in a Sawtooth Star pattern, I still couldn’t resist changing the plans after seeing all of the wonderful Mod Samplers on Flickr.

It has taken me a couple of evenings of cutting to get everything prepped the way Elizabeth has it outlined. Talk about organized! Here is my first fabric pair organized on its card:

I added an additional pair of FQ’s to her recommended 6 for a total of 14 different of fabrics. While getting all of the perfectly organized cards in a stack I had a fear that my two year old “helper” would get her “helpful” hands on them and rearrange the pairs and all of the cuts. So off to Target we went to get a box with a latching top to keep projects like this together and away from helpful hands. Not three hours after placing the perfectly organized stack into its new box did my child rip into it somehow and chuck all of the cuts from the top three cards onto the ground in a pile. ARGH.

After getting all of the cuts back in order I was short one piece. Huh? I FINALLY found it in my scrap drawer. Now you all know why I gave up quilting for 6 years when I was having three babies! It’s all I can do to keep her out of the pins, scissors, hot iron and machine needle. She also threw all of my bobbins out of the bobbin case and into the little plastic water jug I use to refill my iron. Helpful. Very helpful.

I promised the Middle Child that I would paint his bedroom walls green. He loves green and has been asking for months. This is the child who pretty much does what we say. He’s sweet, quiet, funny, and doesn’t ask for much. So I will put my beloved sewing projects on the back burner (or try really hard to…) and take time this week to get the green paint on his walls. I mean, how can you resist a Clone Trooper’s command?

Mother of a Quilt-Along GIVEAWAY!

For those of you in the quilting blogsphere who don’t know that this is a massive giveaway week, WAKE UP! There are unbelievable goodies being given away by the most generous bloggers out there. Check out the blogs on my list in the right-hand corner or go to the master list at Sew Mama Sew. What a great way to learn about the different bloggers out there!

While racing around and shamelessly participating in my favorite bloggers’ giveaways, I came across a fabulous Quilt-Along that also includes amazing giveaways each week. Check out Old Red Barn Co. The quilt design is both gorgeous and do-able for beginners. If you are a newbie (ahem, my little beginner quiltlings… I’m talking to you!), this is a great way to jump in and get a new project underway. I’m going to do it because it looks quick, easy and fun!

So please visit as many bloggers as you can in the next few days to find out what is out there and who knows, you may just come away a winner!

Although I was too chicken to participate this year as I am a new, baby blogger, I am working on my first giveaway and will announce it as soon as the item is ready.

Happy blog-hopping!